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    Automotive Dials की तस्वीर

    Automotive Dials

    • M Tech Innovations Ltd., offers a wide range of automotive dials that are manufactured to stand the test of time.
    • There are wide ranges of polycarbonate automotive dials that are designed, manufactured and supplied to our customers who are the world leaders in automotive and manufacturing industry.
    • The color match, true markings and everlasting colors are prime requisites in Dial application.
    • With years of hands on experience in this field has helped us to develop many innovative technologies and ideas to apply graphics virtually to any surface.
    ₹ 500.00
    Biometric HHT module with Contactless card interface की तस्वीर

    Biometric HHT module with Contactless card interface

    production process, control system.
    ₹ 500.00
    Blank Plastic 760 Micron की तस्वीर

    Blank Plastic 760 Micron

    • These cards work with all Major ID Card printers including Magicard & IDP.
    • Produced with a Glossy Finish, these cards are perfect for printing ID Cards, Student Cards, Staff Cards, Membership Cards and More!
    • Supplied Blank White, these cards do not contain any technology or chips.
    ₹ 5.50
    Hot Foiling Cards की तस्वीर

    Hot Foiling Cards

    ₹ 62.02
    Membership Gift and Discount cards की तस्वीर
    MSR Reader की तस्वीर

    MSR Reader

    ₹ 2,250.00
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