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    Automotive Dials की तस्वीर

    Automotive Dials

    • M Tech Innovations Ltd., offers a wide range of automotive dials that are manufactured to stand the test of time.
    • There are wide ranges of polycarbonate automotive dials that are designed, manufactured and supplied to our customers who are the world leaders in automotive and manufacturing industry.
    • The color match, true markings and everlasting colors are prime requisites in Dial application.
    • With years of hands on experience in this field has helped us to develop many innovative technologies and ideas to apply graphics virtually to any surface.
    Biometric HHT module with Contactless card interface की तस्वीर

    Biometric HHT module with Contactless card interface

    production process, control system.
    Blank Plastic 760 Micron की तस्वीर

    Blank Plastic 760 Micron

    • These cards work with all Major ID Card printers including Magicard & IDP.
    • Produced with a Glossy Finish, these cards are perfect for printing ID Cards, Student Cards, Staff Cards, Membership Cards and More!
    • Supplied Blank White, these cards do not contain any technology or chips.
    Hot Foiling Cards की तस्वीर
    Membership Gift and Discount cards की तस्वीर
    MSR Reader की तस्वीर

    MSR Reader