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    i Ball EarWear Base Pro Bluetooth Headphone

    निर्माता: Iball
    The iBall EarWear Base Pro – Premium Neckband Wireless Earphones is all Generation ‘i’. Its Voice Assistant button puts Alexa at your command. It has a noise-cancellation mic, so your calls are clear. Superior comfort, Hi-Fi sound quality, convenient magnetic earbuds, the latest 5.0 technology and a long-lasting battery; enough said. And of course, the audio output is finely tuned to hit the notes pitch-perfect.
    पुरानी कीमत: €2149.14
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    I Ball Decibel Black Edition Wireless Headphone

    I Ball Alexa Decibel Black Edition Wireless Headphone

    The Decibel Black looks good, sounds great and puts Alexa to good use. It fits comfortably and wraps around your ears softly for many hours of easy listening. With multiple playback options - Bluetooth 5.0, FM Radio, Micro SD and 3.5 mm AUX, FM Radio you never run out of Music. Ever!
    €1711.40 €982.98