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    I Ball Power Bank IB 5000 LPS 5000mAh Li-Po Entry

    निर्माता: Iball
    When the travel bug bites you, make sure you have iBall 5000LPS in your backpack for high quality and unending power supply. Wander the world with a pocket-sized sleek powerbank that recharges your smart devices and enjoy your travels like never before. The super-slim & ultra-compact design with dual USB output, you can stay connected with your friends and family, while you explore the world easily. Its powerful elegant exterior is best suited for a long life, while fast adaptive charging and excellent 9 layers of security ensure you and your smart devices are safe and protected, always. Available in two colors, Black and White, take your pick to support all your adventure travels
    पुरानी कीमत: €11.99
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